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Electrical Instalation Condition Report

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All Electrical inspection condition reports we produce will come with a two-page summary which has two uses. The first use, the property is satisfactory; it is a document you can give to your tenant or agent.

The second part of the report, the property failed.

The bottom section could be to add certified work or detail of repair, this is then attached to the original report, and it will have a satisfactory outcome, we aim to have the property safe for continued use within the time allocated. We do not charge for non-material general repair during the Inspection.

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Example of the Report

Below is an example of the full EICR, you also receive an original headed certificate which is much more straightforward in design. There is quite a lot of work which goes into producing one of these, which is why it will take at least two hours on-site to complete in the manner required. We supply digital reports with registered serial numbers.

We produce many types of Electrical Reports & Certificates below is the most common type (EICR) Electrical Inspection Condition Report

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We do not look to gain work but use our experience to provide you with the relevant, correct document. Our testing is for the continued safe use to BS7671 not to ensure you are 18th Edition Compliant unless its new electrical work. There is a difference. The use of Code 3 is where your property does not meet the current regulation but is safe.


Use an Experienced inspector you will save time & money

Below is a graph based on the last 100 properties we have tested, up until June 2020, the wiring age ranging from 1966 to 2018. As you can see with the code C3 in use, there is a reasonable rate of pass. The code C3 can come in to use on modern installations as well as the older ones. The 1966 wiring was from a Victorian property. Which had never had a rewire but over the years had gone through several upgrades and each one covering a different period of the regulations, the property attracted the code C3 several times. Still, the result was safe for continued use. The worst was a property rewired 2017. An inexperienced, unregistered electrician the connections and wiring were seriously dangerous with no building control notification in place. We completed the remedial repairs, which took two days and left issuing a ten-year certificate and building control notification.

Below is a graph based on the last 100 properties we have tested, up until June 2020.

  • EICR With no codes perfect test PASS
  • EICR with code C3 PASS
  • EICR with fail code C1 & C2 (FAIL)
  • EICR with code F1 (FAIL)

We are a professional Electrical Service Business, and we do not look to add unnecessary work. Our business is client-based certification repairs & remedial action based entirely on what you need to legal safe & compliant, this is our service

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