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One Goddon Electrical Services

Industrial Electrical Services

We can install replace & rewire, full certification, all our work is guaranteed & fully insured

  • plc programming and modifications
  • Control circuit installation and modification
  • Invertor drives set up and installed
  • Safety circuits installed and modified
  • Level and flow control
  • Inspection and testing
  • Thermography surveys (see example)
  • Emergency light testing
  • Planned maintenance
  • p.a.t testing
  • Fully documented with certification if required with full reports

 programmable logic controller (PLC) or programmable controller 

The Industrial side of our business is the only part I do not run solely as One Goddon.

There are several people involved with there own core skills so we can overcome many issues and deal with most situations. This side of work is far too varied to compose on a web page but we will endeavour to assist where possible. We are not a contract company so mainly deal with modifications of small installations and running adaptations. 

We deal with the most common types of PLC and can replace add or modify most program types.

Alan Bradly-Siemens-Omron being our main scope. We can also program and install most types of logic controllers such as Zelio and Pilz Safty relays.

We can install most types of safety light barriers

Safety light barriers protect both workers and capital goods – safely, efficiently and economically. An invisible protected field of infrared beams protects the danger zones. If a light beam is broken it will immediately trigger a safe shutdown command.

Electrical thermal imaging is the most established application for thermography. Electrical thermography is useful as there is no other preventive maintenance technology or technique that can identify defects such as poor connections, overloaded cables and faulty electrical equipment as safely and as quickly, whilst causing no interruption to the normal operation of your business.

Our survey approach has been tailored to ensure thermographic inspections are carried out safely and non-intrusively, causing no disruption to business operations whilst providing a full audit trail of the health of the equipment that has been inspected.

Working with insurance companies, safety risk assessors and Engineering Maintenance Managers, our thermographic survey reports have been developed to satisfy strict standards ensuring that expectations from the thermographic inspection and survey report are fully met.


  1. Introduction/Report Summary – This provides detail on the survey carried out together a top-level summary of the overall findings.
  2. Main Body Report Pages – Where faults/anomalies are identified, an individual report page is produced providing a description of the fault, its severity and recommended remedial action.
  3. Appendices – These pages provide a checklist and images of every asset inspected during the survey. This provides a record of what was inspected, together with equipment health at the time of the survey.

29th March 2020