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Price Guide

Full Electrical Services (EICR) Repairs & Installations, for your convenience we accept all payment methods

Please note at the present time we are unable to take bookings, however if you would like advice on your electrical requirements you may contact us on the contact page.


We keep our pricing competitive we offer a professional service to our customers. Parking charges we do add these to the invoice. Discounts available on multiple bookings, also we can combine pricing with (EICR) remedial repairs & Installations 


For same day documentation, if paying by card or bank transfer, we will on the day send an email confirmation of completion & invoice with the relevant links for your payment

Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR)

  • EICR From £120.00 (this is our minimum charge (example one fuse board and up to ten circuits)
  • £10.00 Each Additional Circuit after ten circuits (example 12 circuits total charge £140.00)
  • We do not charge for additional Fuse Boards, we only charge for each circuit at £10.00 per circuit per board
  • Same day Report
  • PDF to your email
  • Printed available on site
  • Payments online via your email
  • We do not charge VAT

House of Multiple Occupation (HMO)

  • Prices will vary the minimum charge will be £130.00 (excludes emergency lighting, smoke alarms fire panel) these are priced £10.00 per circuit. (example one emergency light circuit with four lights £10.00)
  • Large property initial charge £45.00 then £10.00 per circuit £20.00 per fuse board
  • PAT (portable appliance testing & fixed appliance) £1.50 per item & £4.50 if hard-wired (fixed appliance).

Change of Tenancy Visual Inspection

  • Fixed Price £65.00
  • Includes Main Earth Test (Ze at main fuse board)
  • Full visual inspection and written recommendations

Third Party Verification & Certification

  • Fixed price on standard consumer units up to 10 circuits
  • £65.00 Initial verification visit.
  • £280.00 Fixed price up to 10 circuits consumer unit
  • Total property price on application Average price £345.00
  • Contact us for your individual needs

Additional extras (EICR) & Full Survey Reports

  • Large properties  Initial visit £65.00 then £10.00 per circuit (EICR)
  • Full Survey Reports, Start at £240.00 up to ten circuits then £20.00 per circuit
  • Additional Distribution & Consumer Boards (no charge we charge only for the circuits on the unit at £10.00 each) EICR or £20.00 Per Circuit EICR Full Survey Report
  • Remedial repairs during (EICR) priced with the client
  • Parking is charged at the rate paid on the day.
  • Further work if required can be invoiced separately
  • Minor faults are repaired at no charge if completed during the set time of the inspection (EICR)

Consumer Unit change (fuse board) Includes (EICR)

  • From £420.00 with full notification & (EICR)
  • The average guide price is £420.00 to £620.00 (includes building control notification)
  • Main Earth and Meter tails upgrade if required £65.00

Our Hourly Rate

  • First Hour including initial call or visit £65.00 then £28.00 per hour
  • 2 Hour Price cap on fault finding in domestic properties
  • Full-day booking can be arranged

Installation rates

  • For all installation rewiring or alteration work, the price is set before starting; for example, if we price you’re rewiring this is the price you will pay. Any extra work you may require will be invoiced separately; this is our guarantee on price.
  • All certification and building control notifications are included as standard.
  • Please note we do not take on new builds or subcontract installations.

Hourly rate one hour example

  • Fixed appliance, example cooker connection
  • Fault finding & Fault repair improvements, i.e. DIY lights
  • Materials not included and added to the rate.

PAT portable appliance & fixed appliance testing

  • We no longer book just PAT we will do the PAT if requested during other works.
  • £2.50 per potable item example anything used with a three-pin plug fitted.
  • £4.50 per fixed appliance, for instance, hand dryers wired to a fused switch.


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