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Special Locations Examples

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Special location” means a location within the limits of the relevant zones specified for a bath, a shower, a swimming or paddling pool or a hot air sauna in the Wiring Regulations, 18th edition, published by the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the British Standards Institution as BS 7671

Below is some guidance on the use of Part P in special locations. This is a general guide and its always good advice to get advice on any project or repair or replacement work you are undertaking in your property.

A special location means:

A room containing a bath or shower, the space surrounding a bath tap or showerhead where
space extends vertically from the finished floor level to a height of 2.25M or the position of
the showerhead where it is attached to a wall or ceiling at a height higher than 2.25 metres
from that level or horizontally where there is a bathtub or shower tray, from the edge of the
bathtub or shower tray to a distance of 0.6 metres. Or where there is no bathtub or shower tray from the centre point of the showerhead where it is attached to the wall or ceiling to a distance of 1.2 metres

A room containing a swimming pool or sauna heater are also Special Locations


More Information on Notifiable Work

All other electrical installation work is non-notifiable – namely additions and alterations to
existing installations outside special locations, and replacements, repairs and maintenance
Installing electrical equipment is within the scope of Part P even if the final connection is
by a standard 13 amp plug and socket but is only notifiable if it involves work set out in
areas previously mentioned.
For example:
A) Installing a new cooker is not notifiable unless a new cooker circuit is needed.
B) Connecting an electric gate or garage door to an existing isolator switch is not notifiable
work but installing a new circuit from the consumer unit to the isolator is notifiable.
Installing prefabricated, modular wiring (for example kitchen lighting systems) linked by
plug and socket connectors is also within the scope of Part P, but again is notifiable only if
it involves work set out in areas as previously mentioned.
The second major change relates to the use of a registered third party to certify notifiable work.
Previously, an electrical contractor undertaking work covered by Part P, but who was not
registered with a competent persons’ scheme, was required to notify their local authority’s
building control – who could then determine if the work was acceptable under the regulations.
Under the new regulations those carrying out the work but who are not registered with a
competent persons’ scheme will have to get the work signed off by a registered third party.

One Goddon Electrical Services is a Registered Third Party Certifier


Specifically, work that is notifiable will include:

A) The installation of a new circuit
B) The replacement of a consumer unit or
C) Any addition or alteration to existing circuits in a special location


Hot tubs Swimming Pools Saunas are all examples of particular unique locations which comes under Part P special locations. And follow strict guidelines on their electrical installation as do bathrooms wet rooms pretty much anything with a connection to water & humidity which you can sit in or step in involving an electrical connection.


What is Part P ?

Part P is simply a section of the building regulations that relate to electrical safety in the home. As such it is purely based on Domestic Electrical work and is not relevant to commercial electrical work. All electrical

work in the home must comply with Part P (As well as a range of other building regulations). Part P also states that certain types of work must be notified to building control. Building control will then issue the homeowner with a Part P certificate for the work.

One Goddon Electrical Services is Part P Registered and can certify work related to Part P and deal with all aspects of Building Control notification on all electrical installations.

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